Winter break approaching!

The first half the of football season has yet again come to a break as the winter break is about to come. Well, good news for some players, as it gives them more time to take care of their injuries and come back healthy when their respective seasons resumes in January. Here is a list of key players that are likely to return in January.

It has been an unlucky season for the Blaugrana as they have been plagued with injuries in the last quarter of the year. Still, they have something to look forward to as two of their key players are waiting for a return.

Leo Messi (Hamstring injury – Early January)
It has been a grueling year for the Argentina star, as he had to battle with his hamstring injuries.  Barcelona is in no rush of getting their main man back in the lineup even though he has fully recovered from the injury. Slowly but surely, Messi will return once again in full health to help the Catalan side.

Victor Valdes (Calf injury – Mid January)
Valdes got injured in an international game with Spain against South Africa. It was unlucky for him as he was already in top form saving penalties and blocking shots for the Catalan side. Tata Martino confirmed via Yahoo! Sports that Messi is expected to be back in training with the team in the first week of January.

Just like Barca, the Reds are having a plague of injuries of their own. With that in mind, manager Brendan Rogers is having second thoughts on loan moves for the January transfer window as some players are in doubt. On the other hand, two key players are set on a return.

Stevan Gerrard (Hamstring injury – Mid January)
Losing the Captain is very hard on any team, given the idea that the captain is the one that holds the team in place inside and outside the field. When Gerrard got knocked with the hamstring injury, he didn’t just left a hole in the midfield, but also leaving the team without a captain. As he recovers from his injury, he is expected to be back with the team in mid January.

Daniel Sturridge (Sprained Ankle – Late January)
Without Sturridge and Gerard on the field, Luis Suarez has to “carry” the team by himself. Sturridge suffered an ankle injury in training, leaving Suarez as the sole option for goals. It is a good thing that with the absence of Sturridge, other players have stepped up in their position. Sturridge is set to come back to help the team in late January.

For the Bavarians the injuries have revolved around their midfield for this year. But the fact that they are still at the top of the table with the guidance of Pep Guardiola, shows how deep the team.

Arjen Robben (Knee injury – Mid January)
Arguably as one of the top wingers in football today, Arjen Robben still nurses his knee injury sustained from a challenge from Marwin Hitz that left Robben badly injured and gave worries on how long his possible return/availability would be. Updates on his injury states that he will be back in training in January and get back to a 100% to help the team.

Being knocked out in the Champions League is not the only thing that left Juventus feeling down, but also having Andrea Pirlo out for the final fixtures for the year.

Andrea Pirlo (Knee injury- Early January)
Having only fifteen minutes of play against Udinese, Andrea Pirlo was withdrawn from the match after having clash of knees with Andrea Lazzari. Without Pirlo in the squad, a skilled veteran that helps the team inside and outside field is missing. It is said that Pirlo is set to be back early January to help the team protect their league standing.

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