Unique football data.

We are not your common fixture/livescore football data provider, there are plenty of those. Instead, we have identified six data types that fit perfectly to football apps, sports betting affiliates, fantasy sports providers and bookmakers. Those data types are injuries, suspensions, expected line-ups, official line-ups, transfer rumours and official transfers.

We follow a long list of reliable sources for instant updates around the clock. All data is verified and added to our database by teams in Eastern Europe and Asia. We have been in the market since 2012 and were the first company in the World to collect this type of data.

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Injury type, start date, expected return date, end date.


Direct red card, yellow/red card, yellow card accumulation.

Expected Line-ups

Early expected line-ups, starting 11, formation and subs.

Official Line-ups

Fast official line-ups, starting 11, formation and subs.

Transfer Rumours

Top rumours with probability from trusted source

Official Transfers

All official transfers, loans and contract extensions

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