Transfer Rumours

Transfer Rumours

Our transfer rumours data gives your platform a unique edge by providing the most detailed and the most updated football transfer gossip available all year round. Let your users be the first to know which players are rumoured to which clubs, and how probable the said rumours are.

Our transfer rumours data contains the current club, rumoured club, transfer type, amount, probability and last but not least the source.

Our transfer rumour data is very suitable for football live score apps that want to expand their data coverage, and generate more traffic around the live matches, and for media and football apps that want to give their users daily push notifications with the most recent transfer gossip, or create a back to back transfer rumour center with a complete list of players rumoured to and from each team.

Data points

Player: Diego Maradona
Country: Argentina
Old club: Barcelona
New club: Napoli
Probability: High
Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport
Last updated: 27 April 1986, 10:03:51
Competition: Italy Serie A, Spain LaLiga

JSON feeds example

    "transfer_rumours": [
            "id": "80739",
            "player_id": "COLE-PALMER",
            "player_name": "Cole Palmer",
            "player_country_id": "ENG",
            "sport_id": "soccer",
            "amount": "Undisclosed",
            "currency": "",
            "probability": "Low",
            "type": "Loan",
            "club_to_id": "BORUSSIA-DORTMUND",
            "club_to_name": "Dortmund",
            "last_update": "2022-08-26 11:19:09",
            "club_from_id": "MANCHESTER-CITY",
            "club_from_name": "Manchester City",
            "competition_id_to": "GER_1",
            "competition_id_from": "ENG_1",
            "timestamp": 1661505549,
            "date_created": "2022-08-26 11:19:09",
            "deleted": "no",
            "source_name": "The Sun",
            "source_url": "http:\/\/\/sport\/19621023\/transfer-news-borussia-dortmund-cole-palmer-man-city\/",
            "estimated_amount": "no"

You can check our full documentation right here.

XML feeds example

					<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<xml time="1611310084">
    <Transferrumour id="76288" player_id="JESSE-LINGARD" player_name="Jesse Lingard" player_country_id="ENG" sport_id="soccer" amount="2000000" currency="EUR" probability="Low" type="Loan" club_to_id="WEST-HAM" club_to_name="West Ham" last_update="2021-01-21 23:47:59" club_from_id="MANCHESTER-UNITED" club_from_name="Manchester United" competition_id_to="" competition_id_from="" timestamp="1611269279" date_created="2021-01-21 23:47:59" deleted="no" source_name="talkSPORT" source_url="" estimated_amount="no"/>

You can check our full documentation right here.

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