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“The best thing you can do, is do the medical in secret.” – Jose Mourinho

Daily top rumours.

Our transfer rumours data gives your app or website a unique edge by providing daily football transfer rumors all year round. 

Let your users be the first to know who Real Madrid is chasing, who is close to joining one of the Premier League giants, or if your local club is about to get active on the transfer market.

Our transfer rumours feed contains exactly what you need: player name, club from, club to, transfer type, amount, probability and source.

Our transfer rumour data is very popular among football apps and international sports and football medias. There are great possibilities of working with push notifications and creating back to back transfer centres.

Data points

<name> Alphonse Davies
<country> Canada
<gender> Male
<position> Defender
<from> Bayern Munich
<to> Real Madrid
<type> Transfer
<amount> 50,000,000 EUR
<probability> Medium
<source> Mundo Deportivo
<created_at> 5 March 2024, 14:06:39
<updated_at> 5 March 2024, 14:07:16

JSON feeds example

    "transfer_rumours": [
            "id": "80739",
            "player_id": "COLE-PALMER",
            "player_name": "Cole Palmer",
            "player_country_id": "ENG",
            "sport_id": "soccer",
            "amount": "Undisclosed",
            "currency": "",
            "probability": "Low",
            "type": "Loan",
            "club_to_id": "BORUSSIA-DORTMUND",
            "club_to_name": "Dortmund",
            "last_update": "2022-08-26 11:19:09",
            "club_from_id": "MANCHESTER-CITY",
            "club_from_name": "Manchester City",
            "competition_id_to": "GER_1",
            "competition_id_from": "ENG_1",
            "timestamp": 1661505549,
            "date_created": "2022-08-26 11:19:09",
            "deleted": "no",
            "source_name": "The Sun",
            "source_url": "http:\/\/\/sport\/19621023\/transfer-news-borussia-dortmund-cole-palmer-man-city\/",
            "estimated_amount": "no"

You can check our full documentation right here.

XML feeds example

					<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<xml time="1611310084">
    <Transferrumour id="76288" player_id="JESSE-LINGARD" player_name="Jesse Lingard" player_country_id="ENG" sport_id="soccer" amount="2000000" currency="EUR" probability="Low" type="Loan" club_to_id="WEST-HAM" club_to_name="West Ham" last_update="2021-01-21 23:47:59" club_from_id="MANCHESTER-UNITED" club_from_name="Manchester United" competition_id_to="" competition_id_from="" timestamp="1611269279" date_created="2021-01-21 23:47:59" deleted="no" source_name="talkSPORT" source_url="" estimated_amount="no"/>

You can check our full documentation right here.

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