Offers are ready and waiting for the January transfer window

As we count down the remaining days of the year, it will also serve as a countdown for the opening of the January transfer window. Many clubs have already made bids on their targets, as some will just have to wait for January to make the transfer official. It is quite exciting to anticipate where a certain player will go, and as we eventually see if they will make an impact on their new club. Here are some rumors that are brewing up as the transfer window draws closer.

Thibaut Courtois in negotiation with Barcelona
The young keeper from Belgium is regarded as one of the best up and coming goalkeepers in the world. This has prompt Barcelona to make negotiations with the Chelsea loaned keeper as they still don’t have a replacement for Victor Valdes. According to Marca, Barcelona is already negotiating with Courtois and that the feeling is mutual as they both want to work with each other. The probability of the transfer is still low as the decision would be coming from Chelsea’s management if they would sell or not.

Clint Dempsey on a return to Fulham FC
A two month loan deal has been agreed upon between Fulham FC and MLS club Seattle Sounders FC for Clint Dempsey. The former cottager is set to return to the London based club after leaving last 2012 for Tottenham. Dempsey will give that needed boost on the pitch as Fulham FC was only able to win one out of their last ten fixtures. Dempsey stated at the club’s website that “It feels good to be back” and “This has always felt like my home in Europe”. Once the transfer window is open, the deal would be official.

Jose Mourinho is looking to make a £48 million bid on Gonzalo Higuain
Yet another player is added on the shopping list of Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho as SSC Napoli is looking to cash out on Gonzalo Higuain. The striker was acquired by Napoli from Real Madrid just last summer and is already looking to sell and make a profit. Mourinho and Higuain have previously worked together while they were still both in Madrid. If the transfer will materialize, it would be a reunion of some sort for the manager and the striker.

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