Danish Superliga Transfer Rumours

It’s July and the Danish Superliga 2013/14 season is about to start once again, but not without any less rumours going around the league. The transfers are still ongoing and of course the transfer rumours are red hot as well.

We have had a couple of Danish Superilga players who have gone out of the league like Christian Grindheim (formerly of FC Copenhagen) who have signed with Tippeligaen club Valeranga, and Andreas Cornelius (formerly of FC Copenhagen) who have transferred to newly promoted EPL club Cardiff for 10 million euro.

The question now is who else could possibly be transferring to another club, country, or league. To answer that, here are the latest and up to date transfer rumours from the Danish Superliga:

Marvin Pourie to replace Andreas Cornelius in FC Copenhagen?
Silkeborg striker Marvin Pourie is being targeted by the Danish Superliga champions, FC Copenhagen. The champs have recently lost attacker Andreas Cornelius to recently promoted EPL club, Cardiff. German striker, Marvin Pourie, is the ideal replacement for Cornelius, however, there hasn’t been any strong speculations of this transfer to push through just yet.

Brøndby negotiating for Martin Ørnskov
Brøndby have shown their interest in pursuing the transfer of Danish midfielder Martin Ørnskov. Ørnskov, who is currently playing for Norwegian club Viking has been the topic of the two football clubs’ dialog and Brøndby appears to be pushing the deal in the middle of the table. Viking is all ears but they want a very high transfer fee for the deal to be closed.

Thomas Enevoldsen back to the Danish Superliga?
Danish midfielder Thomas Enevoldsen has announced that he is keeping all possibilities open after his meeting with his current club KV Mechelen did not go as expected. Accordingly, he expressed his interest in going back to Denmark and play pro football in his home country. Clubs like AGF, AaB, and most recently Brøndby, have shown their interest in what appears to be a possible homecoming for the Danish footballer. As of the moment, Enevoldsen won’t say any specific club names but it appears that a return to the Danish Superliga is a real possibility.

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