Real Madrid Transfer Rumours: Who’s In and Who’s Out?

One of the most popular clubs in the world could possibly undergo some drastic changes in their squads for the next couple of weeks. It is still not final whether who will transfer to another club, who will remain, and who will be the new face of Real Madrid. With all the rumours rolling around, the question that we all want answers to is – who’s in and who’s out?

Real Madrid striker Gunzalo Higuain has expressed his interest in moving to Italian Club Juventus for next season. He feels that Real Madrid won’t be able to keep him and is looking to move forward to another winning club. Currently he is being courted by clubs like Arsenal for £ 22 million, and the Argentine player is also rumoured to Juventus for € 30 million which he showed interest in joining.

But Higuain is not the only Real Madrid player who most probably will transfer to another club. Juan Francisco Moreno, commonly knowned as “Juanfran” has actually confirmed his move to Betis via his social media account. The Spanish local will transfer to the competitor for the next season of La Liga.

On the other hand, a target transfer for Real Madrid is Thiago Alcantara who is also being prospected by Manchester United and Tottenham as well. All clubs are offering € 18 million on the table for the midfielder from Barcelona.

Angel Di Maria could possibly be on his way out of Real Madrid. He is being rumoured to go to the Ligue 1 and join Paris Saint Germain for € 25 million. Thus making room for Real to get Gareth Bale. The Tottenham star is being rumoured to transfer to the Spanish Club for next season. Real Madrid will be offering £ 85 million for Bale. To get money for this transfer Pepe is currently on the for sale list for the Spanish stronghold. Pepe is said to be worth around £ 20 million, and Chelsea seems to be interested in this transfer.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Real Madrid transfer rumours without Cristiano Ronaldo. Right now, he is being linked to the English Premier League Champions – Manchester United.  The EPL kings are said to be offering a £ 80 million contract to the Portugese superstar to switch to the red jersey from next season.

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